About Us

Our education, experience, dedication, and commitment to the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori enable us to provide schools ideally suited to young children.

At the Associated Montessori Schools, we emphasize love of learning, concentration, self-esteem, respect for others, self-direction, and basic skills in a Christian atmosphere. We incorporate music, art, movement, practical life, sensorial development, language, mathematics, geography, science, and social studies. The children choose eagerly from this broad scope of activities.

Children must be completely Toilet Trained, able to go on their own without assistance.

Our Teachers

Although we have both small-group and whole-class activities, the heart of our program is individualized, one-to-one presentations by the Montessori Certified Teacher. The Montessori Teacher observes the progress of each child and is able to tailor their presentations to fit the child. Because our Montessori teachers are trained for and committed to individualized teaching, they can ensure that the pace is appropriate for every child. Thus, a child who is ready and eager to move on to a new challenge does not have to wait for other children to be ready for the same thing. Likewise, a child who needs a little extra time to master a concept or skill can have that extra time without feeling any stress or pressure.

Our Classrooms

The Montessori rooms are spacious, attractive, orderly, and filled with a marvelous abundance of beautiful educational materials, most of which were designed by Dr. Maria Montessori herself. These are materials which have been “child-tested” by the children of many countries over many years. The materials have been repeatedly demonstrated to be both appealing to the children and helpful in their development.

How We Started

Mary Theresa Anderson and Dr. James B. Anderson opened their first school in St. Cloud in 1968 because they wanted their own three young children to have the opportunity for a Montessori foundation. The schools are operated as independent private schools with a Christian orientation. In 2007, the Andersons retired and Lead Staff from each of the individual schools took over ownership and management of the schools to continue the Anderson's legacy of providing Montessori education in Central Minnesota.