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  • It continually amazes me how much he's been learning in his pre-school class. He's far ahead of his friends the same age who go to daycare or stay home all day!

    I feel great sending Isaiah to Montessori, knowing his educational, spiritual, and emotional needs are all important to the school, and met.

    It really warms my heart to see how much the teachers genuinely love the children and let them know this. You can't buy that!

    Liz, Buyer
  • Since Alan attended Montessori School in St. Cloud, he did not speak any English. And after two months I could see a huge improvement in Alan's speech. In the past, Alan just produced one word, after training at Montessori, he could develop small phrases into simple sentences.

    Now, he has been at Montessori School for two years. His speech is like a native child's speech. Each day Montessori teachers work with Alan very patiently. Alan not only improved in his speech but also he's growing independently and confidently in his personality. I really appreciate Montessori teachers for their great efforts of teaching.

    Nela Lin, Student
  • When I first moved to St. Cloud and was contemplating school and daycare options for my daughter, my mother strongly encouraged me to enroll her in the Montessori School. She said my youngest sister had attended the school and their experience had been nothing less than wonderful and positive. A woman at our church also endorsed the school, saying that her three children had attended St. Cloud Montessori and their experience was the greatest.

    My daughter loves Montessori. She loves her teachers and she and I are both convinced she is truly loved and cared for by them. My daughter's academic skills continue to grow quickly and steadily as she chooses from a wide variety of skill-building activities. I love how my daughter is taught to be organized, have good hygiene, and to use consideration in her relationships with her classmates.

    I am very pleased with the progress she has made socially and academically, and especially that she is excited and confident in her learning. I strongly recommend Montessori School to all my friends with children.

    Amber L. Fox, Music Teacher, Nursing Student
  • We were so excited when the school opened in Avon a few years ago. It has been such a blessing for our two youngest children! They have learned so much from the Montessori style of teaching and we know many of those foundations will stick with them as they continue their education.

    In addition, we have appreciated Mrs. Jenny Zenzen as their teacher. She is wonderful and has been instrumental in their development. Thank you!!

    Roger and Pam Rieland
  • We have three children, our oldest two went to public Kindergarten. They both have had some difficulty in achieving what was expected of them at the end of Kindergarten. Now our youngest has attended the Montessori School and has excelled at everything. We are amazed with his math, reading and abstract thinking. (His one sister is in 2nd grade and he helps her with homework.)

    It's also more than the academics. The Montessori setting has also given him a love for knowledge. I haven't had a child so eager to learn. The teachers do a wonderful job at making learning fun.

    Montessori has also taught him independence, social skills and patience! I can not sum up all that the great teachers and the Montessori School has given to my youngest. But I do know what he has received here will give him a GIANT step in having a much easier time in all his years of school ahead of him.

    Carin Becker
  • I cannot say enough about the Montessori experience. I was not very familiar with this organize school philosophy and curriculum until our first child was to enter preschool. After thoroughly visiting and reviewing all options, we immediately chose the Montessori School of St. Cloud for our 3 year old son. Three years later, he is reading, knows basic math, writes several words, names, etc., and sings a whole array of fun, imaginative songs.

    I feel his skills as well as his self-esteem have been influenced by this program. It has been an investment well worth the foundation developed. I will not hesitate to send our second child to this program once she is three.

    Thank you to all of the dedicated staff and program coordinators for having this option for children!

    Marissa Sharbono, Children's Mental Health Social Worker
  • We found the Montessori experience to be wonderful for our child. The curriculum was nicely balanced with a faith based component as well as the traditional educational elements such as reading, writing and math.

    We felt very comfortable leaving our child in Montessori's care as the faculty was always able to professionally handle any issues in a delicate and positive manner.

    Todd A. Lorsung
  • I feel that my child has benefited immeasurably from his three years at Montessori. His confidence and independence were nurtured and he has such a positive attitude toward learning. I have been pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of topics he has already been exposed to even before reaching Kindergarten age - reading, mathematics, foreign language, geography, science.  I am also happy with the Christian grounding the school offers.

    The staff has been wonderful and I don't think I'll even realize the full significance this experience has had for him until he is well into grade school. Thank you!

    Wendy Womack, Veterinarian
  • There is something unique about Montessori. Our son, Cayson, has two older brothers who went to traditional pre-school. Neither were anywhere close to where Cayson is now academically. He continually amazes us with what he's learning; he reads very well, knows every continent, state and capital, and is already doing multiplication and division.

    What impresses me the most is the love of learning he's developed. He loves to discover new things and challenge himself. It's fun!

    I attribute all of his success to your school, your teachers and your program. They're all amazing! Thank you.

    Kevin Ehlinger, Creative Director
  • The Montessori environment allows children to grow and learn as individuals, it is rich in choices - nurturing independence and self-discipline.  Our family has such an appreciation for the Montessori philosophy; it has been a positive influence in our lives.

    I truly believe that Montessori not only benefits children, but the whole family.

    Kim Finney, Children's Hospital & Clinics of Mpls/St. Paul
  • Putting our children into Montessori pre-school was the best thing we did to prepare them for Kindergarten.  The Montessori program taught our children reading, writing, math, independence, and manners.

    Montessori also taught both the children and the parents how capable young children are at helping with chores, etc.  It taught us how to step back and let the children pour milk, make sandwiches, and help with housework.  It also showed how proud and confident the children were to demonstrate these capabilities.

    I would highly recommend Montessori to all families.

    Paul & Jill Rudin
  • Wonderful learning environment and a talented, patient staff.

    Our only regret is not sending ALL our childrent to Montessori.

    J. Daffinrud, Licensed Social Worker
  • We enrolled our daughter in Heritage Montessori School after being in a wonderful home daycare setting for two years.  Even at three years old, she was ready for the structure and academic rigor of the Montessori model.

    We cannot fully express our satisfaction and sheer joy we have experienced as a family after only six months at Heritage.  Our daughter's desire to learn and discover the world around her has increased tremendously and is undeniably visible in our daily home environment.

    The best part of our afternoon is discussing, What happened at school today? and each day's report is always something exciting.

    Jeff & Jennifer
  • My wife and I are so excited for our daughter, she is so happy to get to school. The classroom is very calm and orderly.

    Right now Abby has started adding out of the blue, she must be practicing a lot at school.

    We really appreciate leaving our child somewhere that feels so right.

    Brad Person, Attorney & Jennifer Imsande, History Professor
  • My son had always been someone who silently watched and learned.  I am so happy that he is now feeling the confidence to be a more active participant in his learning.

    The peaceful Montessori classroom invites exploration with its beautiful and engaging learning materials and its gentle and ecouraging teachers.

    My son loves to go to school!

    Heidi Envall, Art Educator - Pine River/Backus School
  • Sending our son, Luke, to Montessori School has been a wonderful experience.  With having two younger children at home, I have not been able to give Luke the type of stimulation that he needed. By sending him to the St. Cloud Montessori School, Luke has been able to learn reading, math skills and geography by using hands-on materials & 150 things which I knew he would love to learn yet I did not have the time to do, let alone the know how.

    Besides the academic skills, Luke has, and still is, learning about self-control, self-motivation, self-initiation, socializing skills, and how to work with other children of various ages.  He has grown and matured in multiple ways since he started at the Montessori school two years ago.  It is so exciting to watch Luke come home and want to show me how he can read and do simple addition or write all his numbers.  It is a true gift to have a desire and motivation to learn and I believe that the St. Cloud Montessori and their staff have done a wonderful job motivating that desire.

    Andi Truitt, Stay-At-Home Mom
  • Our girls have learned how to be wonderful workers in the Montessori program. They have been taught to concentrate and complete tasks.  It has also improved their organizational skills.

    The atmosphere in the classrooms is very calm, peaceful and relaxed. The teachers that our children have worked with have been extremely patient and loving.

    We cannot imagine a better way to educate young children!

    Shari Turk, Elementary Teacher

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